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Instagram is one of the popular Social Media Platforms with over 1 Billion monthly active users. This platform allows you to follow your favorite person or brand. It is a powerful tool that connects you with family and friends. It has become a powerful business tool for building the online visibility of your brand. This article will educate you, how to post links on Instagram and drive traffic to your Blog or Business website. This is the charm of Instagram that it allows all the above-mentioned chores for free.

Quick Links

#1. How to put a link on Instagram bio.

If you are a new Instagram user, you will sooner or later read “link is in the bio”. Here it refers to a clickable link that takes you to a place where the users want you to take some actions like reading a blog, educating about some sort of services, or just checking out some product to buy.

But the question is How to put a link on Instagram bio?

Here is how you may do it step by step:

Post links on Instagram
  1. Navigate to your profile dashboard.
  2.  Tap on Edit Profile.
  3. Type your Link/URL into the Website Section.
  4. Now you have a clickable link on your profile.

#2. Shorten the link using the URL shortener.

Source: Bitly

Short URLs are customized links built with the help of some link shorteners. Short URLs are easy to read for humans and for search engines too. These URLs are good for users to copy or remember them. So always make sure your URL is short.

URL shorteners like Bitly provide customizations that could help you target keywords to grab the attention of users and push them to click them.

Bitly also offers insights that how many clicks you got on your links, so you may easily target places that you have to place your links accordingly.

#3. Share links using Social Bio tools.

Social Bio tools refer to online tools that work as a landing page that is beautiful and organized. Linktree is one of the popular tools among them.
There are a lot of alternatives that allow you to add multiple websites link/URLs with these tools. Although there are some speculations that Instagram soon banned Linktree considering the spam.

#4. Add swipe-up links to the Instagram stories.

Instagram story is a feature of the platform that allows you to show your content for 24 hours. You may create a contextual post and share it as a story along with the ‘swipe up link’ feature.

“Swipe uplink” is a perk that is only available to creators who cross 10k followers.

One can not post a swipe-up link without completing 10k followers, so basically it gives authority to a person who is sharing it. 

 It is a powerful ”Call to action” that gives you the power to divert your Social Media traffic to your website. 

#5. Add Swipe up feature without 10k followers

There is also a way to share links under a story without having 10k followers. You may share links as IGTV videos. All you have to explain or create content on anything and link it with a story.

Here is how: 

  1. Tap on add button.
  2. Post-IGTV video with all the details and proper hashtags.
  3. Tab on add story, click on the link attach IGTV video to it.

#6. Share a link via DM

DM is Direct message that allowes you to share a chat. While exchanging a words or informing about something detail about your Business you may share a clickable link to the user who is in other end.

You may add your message along with a signature link that is automatically sends when you are away. 

You may draft a message with a URL that you want to share in saved replies options earlier it was quick replies.


Most of these ways are so powerful that might help you in diverting numerous audience to your Business Website. Always follow this good practice and don’t forget to post a link on Instagram.

Comment down below in case I have missed something or tell us your easiest way to get traffic from Social Media platforms.  

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