Keyword Research for Free Explained

Keyword Research for Free | A Beginner’s Guide for SEO.

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Why do you need Keyword Research?

Keywords are the idea or subject that determines what your whole content is about. in terms of SEO Keywords are the words which user enters in the Search Bar to get a solution for his query. Therefor finding Best Keywords are the first priority before writing any content. There are absolutely so many beginners out there who can not afford paid tool so I am providing the solution for  Keyword Research for Free.

Ranking on Google is the most crucial part of your SEO Strategy and if you are doing SEO for someone else make sure your Content ranks first. because if your own piece of work won’t rank on Search Engine Result Pages how will you do it for someone else?
There are many beginners who want their blog to rank top against a user’s query but can not afford the paid SEO tools like SEMrush, Aherf, etc. so I am gonna explain How to do Keyword research for free, step by step guide for beginners.

4 Essential Elements to focus while doing Keyword Research for Free.

Relevancy – when you write something with clear Intent of your audience first. You need to be specific on the needs of users, make it clear also don’t stuff your article with different varieties of information.

Authority – In simple terms an Authority is the Influencing power that your website owns. It is determined on the basis of how genuine and factual information your website contains. The more authentic knowledge you will provide, the stronger you will become. If your authenticity is high then you may rank on High volume keywords and if your authenticity is not that good chances of ranking on search engines will be less.

Niche –  Niche belongs to the area you target, it could be entertainment, legal, educational, fun, finance, etc. before finding keywords or key phrases you must stick to a particular niche, it means you need to target a specific interest of the audience otherwise your information will not give you results that you expect.

Volume – It defines how many people are searching for keywords that your article contains. There are keywords with high search volume with low information and low search volume with mass information over the internet. So you need to target highly searched keywords and write more articles on it.
Conclusion: If your website consists of relevant data, true information, focus on a particular specific to a niche and you will work according to the users volume then there are definitely high chances that your content will rank on the top of the SERPs.

Keyword Research for Free to Promote your Brand.

1. How to start a Blog.

Starting a blog needs preparation, preparation of researching content ideas, niche(to whom you are going to write) and what will be the result of your piece of content. It could increase knowledge, could be a solution to a problem or just some entertainment stuff.
Getting a topic for writing a blog itself is a challenging task for almost every creator/writer out there. 
You need to start brainstorming before writing anything otherwise It won’t benefit anyone.
Brainstorming will include finding solutions to the queries asked by the users on the internet. You may find it with the help of Google Search Bar, Google Search Console, Google Trends, Answerthepublic website, Forms, Reddit and Quora Question and Answering site. After you are done with the idea you need to research for keywords.

2. How to use Keyword Planner for Keyword Research.

Google Keyword Planner, generally use to find Keywords for Designing Snippets for Google Ads. As Google itself owns it You can not doubt its accuracy of data provided to you. It is absolutely free tool to get almost actual data provides volume with different competition ranges (low, medium and high). The only problem in getting Keywords for Free with Keyword Planner is that it does not provide data in exact numbers unlike other tools.

3. Google Correlated words.

Although it is not a tool still it is worth including for keyword research projects. it is the most useful process one may adapt for kicking up into writing a blog.
As soon as any user types something on google search bar It gives 10 suggestions of combinations of two or three words that are usually searched together to form a long tail keyword and you already know how important long tail keywords are in SEO.

4. Free Google Chrome Extensions for SEO.

Extensions are the small software designed to run in a browser to achieve the similar results that a software does. Lots of extensions are in the market that help in optimizing content for search engines. This is the simplest way to access functionality of some paid SEO tool for free. These extension shows related words, users volume on a particular keyword, that helps in doing on page activity for SEO. Basically low volume denotes less number of people are searching about the topic and large volume shows high number of people searching for it.
Some of the popular free chrome extensions are: Seoquake, Ubersuggest, Rankmath, Whatsmyserp, etc.

5. Use Google trends for SEO.

Google trends is one of the best tools that google itself made for the specific purpose to find out the hot trending topics around the world. With the help of google trends you may hit a particular key phase at a particular time. It provides a multi timeline to represent how good or bad a term is doing with the custom time range, within a territory, or in a particular category.
One of the best features of Google Trends is, it provides related topics and related queries that helps you in getting ideas to start writing for a topic that is relevant to users.

6. Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

One of the freemium SEO tools that offers you a variety of functionality for free. You just need to type a Keyword or a Domain name to get content ideas and relevant keyword suggestions. Ubersuggest allows you to get insights of a particular word or strategy used by your competitor. This tool helps you a lot in making a good piece of content and customizing it to get good results.


Start searching topics for Creating Content with the help of platforms like Google Trends, Google Search Console, keyword Planner,  Forums and Reddit.

Find related topics with the help of Google Keyword Planner and Google Corelated words. Get more ideas with the help of Chrome Extensions.

Finally use Ubersuggest to get actual Keyword Difficulty and sort all the Keywords that you have selected.

Bingo! You are done with the Keyword Research for Free. Any Query? Ask in the comments.

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